Women in Abusive Relationships

women in abusive relationships beyond blame

Abusive relationships are characterized by a pattern of control that involves violent behaviors in form of assaults that can be physical, sexual or emotional. Such violence is perpetrated to maintain control over the partner. Physical assaults can involve pushing and threats.

Why Women Stay in Abusive Relationships

Women who find themselves in abusive relationships may want to leave, but there is also a large number of women unable to leave, either because of their economic circumstances or because they may lack the ability to move on with their lives. If the relationship lasts longer, women tend to stay in such relationships. Another factor that allows women to leave their abusive relationships is economic independence. Financially independent women decide to leave their relationships early.

Women who fail to leave their abusive relationships tend to make these decisions due to their beliefs in their inability to live independently. They find themselves to be dependent on their spouses and remain in the relationship. Those women who remain in their abusive relationships also tends to suffer a greater extent of abuse, but they also often return to their partners. Their abuse makes them more afraid to seek resources as well as fear their partners, who may seek revenge if they report them to the police. Women who are severely abused and have to seek medical help as a result of their abuse ultimately make a decision to leave their relationships.

Leaving Abusive Relationships

The one factor that forces women to end their relationship and seek help is the extent of the severity of their injuries sustained during the relationship. Other emotional factors involve frustration as well as the level of help they receive in their communities. The lack of support in their communities also prompts women to seek help elsewhere.

There are various considerations that keep women in abusive relationships that include lower wages that women receive making it difficult for them to survive. Other reasons involve an inadequate help they receive in shelters when they leave as well as inconsistencies when they report violence to the police.

There are many other factors that keep women from leaving their abusive relationship such as lack of adequate education, where they are not aware of how to deal with their abusive situations. They also lack skills such as assertiveness or being able to access adequate resources. They are often dependent on drugs or have poor health. Their economic situation makes them also more likely to become homeless.

What Prevents Women from Leaving Abusive Relationships

Often women that are part of minorities may suffer more abuse as they are unaware of the presence of such abuse in their relationships, where they hope that such abuse would go away or that it is only a one-time occurrence.

Using drugs tends to be associated with assaults in relationships. Women who use drugs are more often in abusive relationships. They are also more dependent on drugs and tend to stay or return to their abusive partners because of their dependency on drugs, making them also dependent on their abusive relationships.

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