Warning Signs of an Abusive Relationship

warning signs of an abusive relationship

Abusive relationships may develop differently but there are some common patterns that follow. Initially, the relationship may seem to be extremely good, but after a while problems develop. One such issue may be jealousy that becomes obtrusive to a point, where it becomes uncomfortable and intrusive. At the beginning, this behavior may seem to be a sign of feeling and attraction until it becomes threatening and dangerous. Such jealousy is a sign of control that an abuser will try to exert on the victim. The abuser wants the victim to be to its own linking by enforcing it in various ways.

As the control extends there are other tactics employed such as isolation and other threats. Verbal abuse is usually followed by physical abuse. There may also be stalking as well as various means of coercion employed. Such tactics can involve transferring of the blame for what happened to the victim. Victims start blaming themselves, become confused and fail to resolve the most important issues.

There are various warning signs that precede domestic violence. There are also various patterns such as a lesser involvement in school, along with poorer performance. Other changes may involve subtle or then distinct changes in personality. Such a person may also have mood swings along with not seeing friends and family members. When it then follows by the visible signs of various injuries, where it becomes a clear sign of a physical abuse.

The perpetrator wants to extend control by making the victim think they are undeserving, calling names to make them think they are somehow incapable. They may also make the victim think about themselves in negative terms. When these terms are adopted, the victim may put such negative connotations into action and become self-destructive. Victims may also become less confident that also leads to the inability to deal with the abuser as well.

The perpetrator achieves the submission of the partner by various put-downs. When they make excuses the previous behavior is repeated despite promises. They also tend to easily lose temper and become out of control. Such behavior becomes threatening, requiring the victim to be careful as to not cause any aggravation.

The most dangerous situation is when the partner tries to break up with the abuser, who then can lash out, become out of control and dangerous.

Another common thing that is part of an abusive relationship is the break up of trust. Often the perpetrator becomes dishonest that also indicates that the partner has little significance. This type of interaction also destroys safety, where the victim feels more vulnerable. When the victim is ridiculed and being diminished, it effects this person sense of worth that leads to more vulnerability.

Another warning sign that indicates an abusive relationship are various arguments that become abusive. The perpetrator never retracts but becomes more aggressive towards the victim. The warning signs of an abusive relationship may also suddenly turn into a physical abuse as well at any time.

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