The Effects of Domestic Violence

effects of domestic violence

Weight Problems as a Result of Domestic Violence

The effects of domestic violence may various unanticipated effects. Obesity that is often associated with a high intake of foods has been found to persist among women experiencing domestic violence as well as among children, who grow up in families with domestic violence.

Although the reasons for this are not entirely clear, victims tend to make up for the high energy needed to cope with aggression and abuse by consuming more high energy foods as well. Some research also indicates that the system changes entirely while living in the environment of abuse, causing other health problems along the way.

Dealing with an abusive partner can involve various hormonal changes disrupting the way children develop while causing similar problems in mothers. The effects of domestic violence may also cause heart disease and cancer.

High levels of stress can lead to obesity. Not all weight problems can be resolved through diet or exercise. There may be other causes and consequences of weight problems and even most effective diets and remedies may be ineffective if family issues, including the social environment where victims live interfere. Violent communities also contribute to the elevated levels of stress. Such women more often engage in substance abuse and may experience unwanted pregnancies that also includes pregnancy complications. They may even be driven to crime.

Psychological Effects of Domestic Violence

The most common effect of domestic violence is low self- esteem that may lead to lower prospects in terms of finding a job. Women who deal with domestic violence issues tend to work fewer hours. They deal with higher levels of stress that can lead to depression, anxiety and consequently to PTSD. There are both mental and physical effects of domestic violence that can wide-ranging implications. Those affected by domestic violence have difficulties to trust other people. Other issues that can be experienced involve eating disorders, drinking problems as well as difficulties with other relationships. For those who deal with severe domestic violence issues, personal consequences can be harsh. They often have financial problems and lose jobs.

In the effect of domestic violence those who witness it, such as children may be even more affected, as they may be prone to replicate such behaviors in the future.

Domestic violence victims can also often contemplate suicide. They may rarely admit thinking about it and even more so talk about it. Their mental state is similar to that induced by drugs.

Those who deal with difficult family situations become also affected by depression. The effects of domestic violence can trigger the overwhelming sense of hopelessness when coping with abusive situations. The feeling of isolation and denigration that is part of emotional devastation can lead to various desperate measures.

Victims in situations of domestic violence are often impulsive. Their sense of stability and wellness is undermined. They often become impulsive and suicidal thoughts can easily be implemented into life. These pervasive negative states can become so strong that they can lead to suicide. These are just some of the effects of domestic violence.

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