Mental Abuse

mental abuse
Mental abuse is most frequently associated with issues that affect the way the victims thinks and behaves but is also often referred to as psychological abuse, where such abuse disrupts the sense of reality. Mental abuse can be expressed through various tactics such as a sudden outburst of anger that is also unexpected. Other tactics used in mental abuse can be distorting the way the victim thinks about the world, involving changing perceptions, but most often doubting even the events that took place or questioning what happened. Mental abuse may also involve ignoring someone or distancing from someone for no apparent reason. Creating a perception that someone else is to blame or blaming others is also often employed as is manipulation into doing something.

Forms of Mental Abuse

Mental abuse may take a form of disrespect or humiliation or mocking. The victim feels embarrassed and betrayed. Those who engage in mental abuse may use various put-downs and bullying to control the partner.

Mental abuse is especially dangerous when perpetrated against children. When children are maltreated, they develop anxiety, depression as well as issues involving their sense of themselves such as low self-esteem. It may also lead to the development of PTSD.
Mental abuse also occurs in cycles. Perpetrators of mental abuse use abusive tactics to maintain control due to perceptions that power needs to be used to influence the relationship and impose what has been observed in their own families.

The Effects of Mental Abuse

Mental abuse is more frequently associated with conditions such as depression or substance abuse than other types of abuses, including sexual and physical.

When mental abuse has been experienced in childhood it may impact its brain development as well as in general health. Such children may also have problems with education and behavior. This type of abuse also occurs when families engage in conflict, when there is substance abuse at home or if there violence between parents.

Mental abuse is destructive due to the way victims feel afterward, feeling humiliation following put downs or harassment. They also experience the feelings of anger, dejection, and worthlessness. Mental abuse is directed intentionally towards victims. Those that experience them have lower productivity levels. Even innuendos or rumors can have a deteriorating effect on one’s self-esteem.

Those who witness these hostilities experience the same effect as those who are part of it. Such behaviors result in lower self-esteem and lack of confidence which further decreases the ability to cope with these behaviors.

Difficulties with concentration, memory problems as well as many other areas are found to be in need of treatment following metal abuse. In some ways mental abuse may have more repressive effects on one’s psyche than physical abuse, leading to less assertive behaviors.

Other Impacts of Mental Abuse

Women in abusive relationships are confused and depressed. They are unable to leave their bad relationship also because their sense of self has been eradicated. Emotional abuse is part of physical and sexual abuse as well.

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