Is Violence a Social Problem?

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There are many questions about violence issues such as is violence is a social problem or how violence affects relationships. There is frequently violence among spouses leading to spousal abuse syndrome. The difficulty with this issue that is both individual and social problem.

Although many people regret engaging in violent situations, most find it difficult to contain strong feelings when facing a difficult situation. Many suggest that controlling one’s emotions would allow controlling dangerous behaviors as well. If violence is regarded just as the wrong behavior that can be changed at will, there would be few violent outbursts. It also applies more to problems arising between individuals that are not that significant.Engaging in violence that becomes a rage or part of a group is always associated with the notion that we are doing the right thing. It stems out of a conviction that violence is the only way to exert something that can only be done by force. It can also be a defensive behavior when we attack in order to assure our survival to take away something or enforce something we consider to be denied otherwise.

Even though violence is no longer our means to gain food, it often becomes part of sorting out problems in relationships, where some are unable to contain their emotions. The one step towards avoiding irrational outbursts is to gain insight that allows stepping out of the created drama. Not all situations can be handled in this way, but simply being irrational can inspire us to uncontrolled behaviors that we most often regret later.

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