Dealing with Spousal Abuse Syndrome

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Spousal abuse is difficult to tackle and manage even though it is an important health issue that has social implications for everyone. The most common form of dealing with spousal abuse are restraining orders. Often there is a lack of enforcement for this type of abuse while the cost of the restraining order can also be high. Spousal abuse is exacerbated by violence.

Quite often spousal violence is associated with drinking. Although women with lower economic status tend to be often exposed to violence, where there is a high male unemployment rate those women who have a high financial status tend to be also exposed to spousal violence even more so than their poorer counterparts.

At times, the education women receive can be an empowering tool and allows them to better handle their difficult situations. Alcohol-related problems are also associated with various disorders if alcohol consumption continues for an extensive period of time. When there is acceptance of family violence spousal abuse tends to be more pervasive.

Spousal Abuse Communities
Overall, violence is less pervasive when various communities’ expectations are fulfilled. Communities that are economically poor tend to experience more spousal abuse although some poor communities tend to protect themselves better against harsher circumstances and engage less in violence. Some conservative communities may exhibit less violence but on the other hand, conservative communities disclose less about their domestic situations. What contributes most often to violence are the growing disparities between various sections of communities that are the most common denominator of violence. The most difficult situations face those communities where women experience violence while being financially dependent on their spouses and where divorces are not accepted.

Alcohol and Spousal Abuse
Families that have members with alcohol-related problems tend to be more dysfuntional and unable to resolve their issues. They tend to communicate less further distancing themselves. They have more conflicts that affect their overall interactions as well as divorce rates. Children in families with alcohol-related problems have also more issues experiencing various forms of abuse, stress related illnesses.

Spousal Abuse Roots
Spousal abuse can be more common when it is part of cultural roots, where degrading women is accepted and women also have low economic status, being without a social support network. Although drug and alcohol intake tend to lead to further deterioration of various skills as well as dealing with others, having an adverse impact on relationships.

Spousal abuse tends to be frequent when a spouse exhibits a propensity to aggression that is associated with dominance and arouses fear in their partners. Most often psychological abuse leads to physical abuse. The fear that is then exerted on partners can deprive of self-control inciting a certain sense of helplessness. Further actions associated with violence, such as separation, consulting a lawyer lead to even more fearful situations. Spousal violence becomes a community issue as multiple organs need to be involved in resolving these issues. The support needed in providing assistance to both the victim and then dealing with the perpetrator lead to high expenditure depleting scarce financial resources.

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