Domestic Violence in News


Domestic violence incidents occur almost daily. It is one of the most difficult issue to tackle, affecting many people.

How does the cycle of violence start?

Violence has become a pertinent social issue in many communities and countries. In many places in the US, gang violence is pertinent. It arises from poverty, but it can also be driven by domestic issues.

Many violent domestic disputes are associated with financial pressures. They are important factors affecting violence against women issues.

Violence, as well as domestic violence, is hard to tackle. Often dealing with such violence leads to more violence that erupts in response to injustice. Violence to curb violence often unleashes various uncontrolled reactions.


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Domestic violence has become a tool used in debates for political reasons rather than to provide solutions for it to be resolved. Another issue that hinders attempts that can help victims is a frequent dismissal of reporting or under-reporting of crimes. Failures in reporting leads to the inadequate investigations of these crimes and in consequence inability to end violence against women.

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How to deal with Domestic Violence Issues

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Am I in an Abusive Relationship?

The signs of domestic violence may involve various tangible patterns such as suffering from chronic medical conditions, using drugs, or having mental health problems. Violence is evident when visible scars are present.

There are various injuries or health issues relating to domestic violence. These injuries occur more often than other crimes.

Domestic violence triggers are present more likely among those who experience poverty. There exist more pressure when there is lack of basic needs.

Some may make conscious decisions not to seek help even when recognizing they are in an abusive relationship thinking that this is only the way their partner organizes the household.

Domestic violence may involve depression or suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

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A cycle of violence can evolve as part of domestic disputes. It is often associated with certain obsessive, power and control seeking personality. The perpetrator displays the features that make it easy for them to use violence, treating the victim more like an object.

The cycle of violence is changing. Such violence is denied and there is always a triggering event when the argument starts, but it always follows with an apology. In this way, such cycle of violence never ends.

The long-term effects of violence also permeate societies. As violence seems to be increasing, there is additional police force employed in countries such as Canada just to tackle gun violence. Also, additional assistance is considered in places such as Chicago to deal with gang violence there.

Will campaigns to tackle domestic violence such as creating more awareness of the issue or urging the victims to speak up be enough? Wether gun violence be tackled with gun control remains to be seen.

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There is also an aspect of self-blame associated with domestic violence, where women often blame themselves for situations involving violence.

At the same time time, male partners tend to blame their female partners for what happened. They see their behaviour as only the result of an argument they have that has been provoked by their partner. They also perceive their argument to be not as threatening or severe as others see it.


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